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Quality, Service and On-Time Delivery

Hughes Hardwood International, Inc. was formed when Hassell & Hughes Lumber Co. split into two separate companies in 1997.   Our new company continues to produce a wide range of wood component products including lineal moldings, glued panels, drawer fronts, cabinet doors, and a new line of assembled mirrors.  Other products include surfaced and unsurfaced lumber, ripped strips, cut-to-size blanks, molder and tenoner work, and custom router work.

The company is located in Collinwood, Tennessee. We serve customers throughout the United States as well as internationally. Approximately 40% of our production is exported. We work predominantly with white oak, red oak and poplar woods.

Forming Hughes Hardwood International has helped us better meet the needs of our customers. It has allowed us to focus on our core business--wood components and lumber--the areas where we have been active for many years.

While Hughes Hardwood is a new company, we've been meeting customer needs since 1939. Our customers continue to receive the same high-quality work and on-time delivery as before, with no interruption of service.

The new company has retained the entire wood components plant as well as dry kilns and a pre-dryer.  "Maintaining its own dry kilns gives Hughes Hardwood a key advantage," said Hughes.  "It gives us control over the quality of the wood products we produce which must meet strict customer specifications."

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The company's manufacturing facility  features state-of-the-art technology allowing it to process large orders and meet tight deadlines.   In the wood industry both are critical requirements for meeting customer needs.



Consistent quality and on-time delivery sets us apart
from many of our competitors.

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